My Perfect Day In The Philippines

My Perfect Day In The Philippines

The Philippines is a country that’s known for their beautiful islands and white sand beaches but there is more to the country. Manila is the country’s most popular city and there is a lot for tourists to enjoy and for locals to visit. The city of Manila is becoming very modern and it is slowly developing into one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia. The main attractions in Manila would have to be the amazing malls, the food, and the various tourist spots in the cities surrounding Manila. My perfect day in Manila will always consist of a fulfilling breakfast, a few hours shopping and then ending the day at one of the many popular tourist spots.

My Early Morning Breakfast

The food in the Philippines is definitely starting to become mainstream and other countries are taking notice. Common Filipino foods like adobo or lumpia are very tasty but it is breakfast foods that really stand out for me. Look for smaller breakfast places that will serve famous Filipino breakfast foods like “tapsilog,” “bangsilog” and much more. Filipino breakfast plates will often come with fried garlic rice, eggs, and some meat. With the added flavors from tomatoes and other side dishes, a Filipino breakfast can be addicting.

Public Transportation To The Mall

One of the most exciting ways to get around in Manila is to take a jeep. This is definitely very unique to the Philippines because of how each jeepney owner designs and runs their jeep. You can often find jeeps that play music and look different from the others. Jeeps are very affordable and you will be able to sit next to locals who are very friendly and welcoming. My trips on the jeep were very fun and I always thought it was fun to sit in the back of a jeep with locals that were also trying to get around. When it comes to getting from one place to another, taking a jeep is easily the best option.

Shopping At The Malls

Shopping in the Philippines is something that all tourists must do. Almost everything is cheaper compared to other countries and this was something that I took advantage of. However, you must choose your mall wisely because there are certain “fancy” malls that will be just like Western malls. Malls like Greenhills & Divisoria is where you need to go if you want to enjoy affordable items that still have great quality. You can virtually find anything that you are looking for at these two places and you’ll be surprised with what you can find. However, if you want to visit the big malls that will have everything from “very expensive” to “very cheap,” then you need to visit malls like Eastwood Mall or the Mall Of Asia.

Theme Parks & Water Parks

Every country will have some theme parks that are aimed at entertaining the tourists that are looking for a good time. The Philippines definitely has their own parks and they are definitely worth visiting. The Philippines version of “Disneyland” would have to be Enchanted Kingdom. This is a very popular place in the Philippines and children of all ages will have something there for them. Though it is not as big or entertaining as Disneyland, it definitely is unique and has its own perks.

Leaving Manila

Though Manila is a great city and has a lot of things for everyone, leaving to go North or South will open up even more tourist spots. There are plenty of islands that will introduce you to beautiful resorts that will make you feel like you are on a different world. The nice thing about the Philippines is that everything is very accessible and a short plane ride will take you to the next island. Island hopping is a very popular thing to do in the Philippines and this was the one thing that I know I will be back for in the near future.

The perfect day in the Philippines would definitely consist of checking out a local breakfast spot for some tapsilog and then heading out to the malls. By the afternoon, it would then be time to check out a theme park or head out to a resort. The Philippines definitely has a lot to offer and I love visiting and often living in this country.

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