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Google Maps Help You Make the Most of Your Travel

We all love Google maps – they make finding your way around in new places a breeze.  In this video we examine how you can get the best out of Google maps to do your shopping when you are on a business trip.  Continue Reading

Travel Advice for the Phillipines

The Philippines is one of the great travel destinations and we have sourced a great informational video to help you get the very best from your travel experiences whilst you are there.Continue Reading

How to Travel ‘Green’ on Business

  Going ‘green’ is always a good way to go.  In this video we examine how to have a ‘green’ business travel trip.  We know our readers all want to do their bit to save the planet so have a look and see the way to do it.Continue Reading

Beijing Tourism – A Taster of Monuments and Key Things to See

Beijing Tourism Beijing slideshow. Beijing China photographs. View some of the culture and beauty of Beijing in this short travel video from Eguide.  If you are on a short trip to Beijing this helpful video shows you the main things to put on your tourist hitlist.Continue Reading

A Guide to Indonesian Culture

Travel Guide: Indonesian Culture This country boasts one of the world's largest Muslim populations, though it is not an Islamic state.  We advise business visitots on important issues when you are visiting for a trade show.Continue Reading


It’s a sad and unfortunate fact that many travelers don’t put Taiwan high on their travel wish list, it may be the most underrated of all the South East Asian countries. To emphasize the missed opportunities of skipping a connection in Taipei, I’ve put together enough things to do in Taiwan to keep you busyContinue Reading

Combine Business and Pleasure in Singapore.

The city state Singapore offers business travelers an excellent option to combine their trade show visit with travel to its tourist attractions. This offers several advantages because even family members can join during the business trip to this small, beautiful and well-organized country. There are many tourist attractions in Singapore that can be explored. TheContinue Reading

Discover Phnom Penh for Business and Leisure.

Discover Phnom Penh for Business and Leisure.

Phnom Penh is the exciting vibrant capital of Cambodia. It is located at the confluence of three rivers, the Bassac, the mighty Mekong and the great Tonle Sap, it was once regarded the “Gem” of Indochina. It is often only a whistle quit for many tourists who just quit by on their way to AngkorContinue Reading

Discover Geneva – the City of Calvin

Discover Geneva – the City of Calvin

Visit Geneva and Know about Different Beautiful Tourist Destinations Geneva is the town of Calvin and the middle of the Reformation, lies in the excessive European tip of Switzerland in the southwest end of Lake Geneva. The area developed on moraine hills of different size on either part of the swiftly flowing Rhône, which hereContinue Reading

A Perfect Day in Jakarta..

Jakarta: A Beautiful Tropical Getaway Are you thinking of going out on a vacation with your family and friends? Do you want to experience something new for a change? Then why not travel to the great continent of Asia and discover a tropical getaway that you and your family will surely enjoy? In this article,Continue Reading