Discover Geneva – the City of Calvin

Discover Geneva – the City of Calvin
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If your business takes you to Geneva be happy! Geneva is an amazingly well organised town with a glorious view of Mont Blanc.

Visit Geneva and Know about Different Beautiful Tourist Destinations

Geneva is the town of Calvin and the middle of the Reformation, lies in the excessive European tip of Switzerland in the southwest end of Lake Geneva. The area developed on moraine hills of different size on either part of the swiftly flowing Rhône, which here moves out of the river and joined to the southwest part of the city by its tributary the Arve, arriving down from the Savoy Alps.

The most important tourist destinations of Geneva are a fountain with a size of 140 meters. It is situated in Lake Geneva and you can see the town from it. The fountain has a garden, where every day several person trips to this park for enjoying with young partners and family members. They sit there a garden, dating, play bike and so on.
During the summer, visitors generally head to the endless destinations close to the waterfront of Pond Geneva, which consist of everything from water sports and beaches to restaurants and boat trips with a view.

River Rhône in covered with shopping complex, hotels, tourist destinations, and eateries. Try to keep enough time for a relaxing boat trip along the river on a sunny afternoon, or perhaps appreciate one of the many evening gourmet cruise trips, which are also readily available on the River.

Among the beautiful attractions most attractive locations are Jet d’Eau fountain, Lake Geneva, Geneva Flower Clock, St. Peter’s Cathedral and Rhone River etc.
The people of Switzerland celebrate a fireworks event in Geneva on Lake La Mans in Aug. Summer Music Festival is a yearly eight-week event operates from July to August and has different performance weekly. Every year the concept and style of music of the event changes, although the festivals usually consist of choral and orchestral concerts.

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