Education Trade Shows

Education Trade Shows

2013 Update: The Future Of Educational Trade Shows

New year is the time for new trends and changes. While many of us say that 2012 educational changes will influence the future of education this 2013, others also believe that 2013 is the time for great changes and developments in the education industry.

This 2013, the major educational changes will be greatly seen in various trade shows. Most experts predict that these major trends will rule the educational industry this 2013:

Development of educational mobile apps. Last year, most schools focused on equipping their students with iPas and other PC tablets. However, they fail to recognize the lack of educational apps to be used. This year, as an extension of this project, software designers will surely develop lots of educational based applications to further make the most of the techie gadgets that are made available to the students.
Learning made more authentic with gamification and socialization. Since most students are already aware about using various social networks and playing various video games, teachers are trying to make their educational goals more like these social networks and games to make the learning experience a lot more authentic for the children.
More visible BYOD and flipped instruction concept. Flipping your classroom and the bring your own device concept has been implemented last 2012. The best thing about these two is that these work in conjunction with one another. Flipped instruction concept is focused on providing the students technology outside of school. These two concepts are considered cost-effective and that’s why more and more schools will be adapting these this year.
More and more educators are seeing the use of technology in educating children. Because of this, it is expected that 2013 will be a year for education to embrace technology and make the most out of it. It is also expected that it will bring the education into a whole new level.

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