Fashion Trade Shows

Fashion Trade Shows

Fashion Trade Shows: What’s Strutting This 2013?


New Year, new style. Every new year, what most people are waiting for is the release of new fashion styles. Trends come and go. This is most especially true in the fashion industry. What may be trendy now, may be out of style the next week. Because of this, people in the fashion industry should be able to keep abreast with the trends so that they will never go out of fashion and the market. With this in mind, going to trade shows is a must!


What will fashion trade shows bring in this 2013?


  • Tunic. Tunic made its big boom decades ago and it is now back. This loose fitting garment will surely be one of the apple of the eye in various runways, store displays and fashion magazines this year. It was used before as a dress. Now, you will see it be worn over leggings and skinny pants.
  • “Barely there” accessories. This year, see-through accessories will definitely be a big hit. Shoes, bags, bracelets and earring made of PVC will definitely win the hearts of many people. Most fashion experts refer to this as the “new neutral”. This is a big trend to look out for!
  • Peplum. Peplum has become one of the favorites of the fashion experts last year however this ruffled charm is expected to still make it to top fashion trends this 2013. The elegant appeal of this fashion trend is undoubtedly lovable! The best thing about this trend is that it can add a great feminine appeal because it cinches the waist.
  • Loud and proud. This year, the comeback of leather is expected. The best thing about this is that leather items will be of richer and more vibrant color like mustard and red.

Enjoy the fashion trade shows!


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