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Health Industry Trade Shows: The Health Industry 2013


New year means not only a brand new start, it is also a time to welcome new and amazing changes. This is not only applicable for our personal life but for a lot of industries as well. Saying goodbye to 2012 does not mean saying goodbye to all the trends and innovations for the past year however welcoming 2013 means saying hello to more innovations that will further develop the healthcare industry.


If you areĀ  a health care professional and you wish to see and be updated regarding what’s new in the healthcare industry, then going to various healthcare trade shows is a must. With that in mind, what trends will be shaping the health care industry this year?


  • More health care staffs. For the past few years, there has been an increase in hospital staffs and this year, this trend is still expected to continue. This 2013, there is an expected dramatic increase in the number of healthcare staffs to further respond to the increasing needs of the health care industry.
  • Health embraces technology. Health combined with technology results to mobile health. As of today, this is the most promising part of the healthcare industry. More and more healthcare professionals are seeing and loving the use of smartphones, tablets, and mobile health apps. Because of the advent of this technology, it has become a lot easier for most healthcare professional to gain some access to patient’s information and history, which in turn can lead to faster diagnosis and treatment and better patient outcome.
  • Increased number of specialty training. Because of the shortage of physicians as well as the increasing needs of the healthcare industry, there will be more learning opportunities for many healthcare professionals.
  • Increased focus on preventative care. This year, there will be more health awareness program that will further help the public know more about maintaining good health and how to prevent from getting sick.


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