Hotel Trade Shows

Hotel Trade Shows

Hotel Trade Shows 2013: The Future of Hotel Services

Most people think that the evolution of hotel services have stopped for the past few years. Newspapers, Internet and social media is filled with news about developments in the medical, business, retail and health industry. Despite the lack of information regarding the progress of the hotel industry, this does not mean that the hospitality industry doesn’t have any changes.

Hotel trade shows are the best way we can get to know what’s in and what’s out with regards to the hotel industry this 2013. With this in mind, what will people see in the upcoming hotel trade shows this 2013?

Hotel packages that can be customized the guest’s preference. In the upcoming years, it is expected that more and more hotels will offer customizable packages. This will surely be a great advantage for guests which have special needs. In this option, guests can get to choose which amenity or service will be given to them and the fees will be charged correspondingly.
More emphasis on the importance of word-of-mouth marketing. With the advent of social network, more and more businesses have seen the importance of word-of-mouth. In the upcoming years, hotels would be focusing more on giving great service to guests and less emphasis on in-your-face advertising.
Existence of guest feedback system. At this point, hotel owner will prioritize the feedback of hotel guests and will try to make the necessary changes right away.
Introduction of the ‘ONE’ virtual fingerprint system. In the future, hotels will be making use of the guest’s virtual fingerprint to charge them various fees, configure the rooms, bill them meals and almost every activities that they will be doing during their stay.
Intelligent hotel room. A room which can be altered to suit your very own needs– from the design, color and mood of the guest. The room also has the capacity to change its temperature, music and lighting based on the guest’s bio-rhythm.

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